Our challenge was to photoshop Victoria Beckham's face. Her face was nasty. It was filled with zits, enlarged pores and discolouration. We had to beautify her in whatever means we can using Photoshop.

The first thing I did was to correct her flaws. I began by fixing her forehead with clone stamp tool. I cloned the area of skin that was clear and covered all the zits on her forehead. I repeated the same step to correct her other problematic areas such as the under her dark circles and along her jaw bone.

The second thing I did was lighten up her dark circles. I used the colour picker to pick a shade that I thought was the most suitable and used brush tool to recolour her dark eye circles. I made sure that the opacity and flow was low so that it doesn't look too fake.

The third thing I did was to beautify her, which means applying make up on her. I noticed she looked quite pale so I used brush took to apply blush on her. Then, I added lipstick on her by using brush tool also. I used colour picker to pick the colour of her blush and adjusted the intensity to make a suitable lip colour. Then, I used brush tool to apply colour on her lips. I made sure that the opacity and flow was low to preserve the texture and light reflection on her lips.

The last thing I did was to enhance her eyes. I did so by applying eyeliner and mascara on her eyes. I used brush tool and setting the colour to black. This time I set the opacity to 100% and flow 50%.

I did not alter her hair, eyes and earring colour because I think they look good on her. I also did not alter her eyebrows because they look perfect already.

Overall, I am happy with the outcome. I think I have managed to make her look naturally beautiful.


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