The tracing part was a noticeably tedious effort. I have zoomed in until each individual part fills the whole screen and pen tool-ed each line. Since the lines are extremely pixelated, I had to ignore some jagged lines to make the lines as straight as possible.

I've used the principle of contrast in filling in the colour of the Gundum. I wanted to create a 3D effect but I also wanted it to look colourful. So I've used 4 main colours in varying shades. I've used the original picture as a guideline to help to differentiate which parts belong to which.

I have repeated the 4 main colours which are yellow, orange, red and blue. This creates a consistent look in this Gundum and unifies this the design. I've used yellow on the front part of his torso, shoulders, arms and shins. Orange is mostly used on his hands and legs. Red is mostly used on his feet. Blue is used on the back part of his torso.

I've used black stroke is every part to create a bold effect. I think this visual effect will make my Gundum look more strong and powerful. Overall, I am quite happy with the outcome.

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