In Week 5, we have learnt about CRAP in detail. CRAP is the abbreviation for Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity. These four elements are the principles of graphic design. Below is the summary what I've learnt

The two measurements for Contrast are
1) Colour
2) Font

The way how good or bad Repetition is judged is through
1) Font
2)  Colour
3) Alignment
4) Layout design

The three Measurements for Alignment is through
1) Consistency
2) Legibility
3) Layout design

The concept of Proximity says that related items should be grouped together.
Grace Loh
5/27/2013 03:47:58

I know this is only a summary of the C.R.A.P concepts, however I wish to see a bit more elaboration for all the points to get a better understanding for those who don't know what the concept means. Also, I you missed out the other half of the lecture which comprises what defines an illustration.

5/30/2013 14:05:31

Thank you for listing down the summary of the C.R.A.P concept. you made it very clear.

Aditi Verma
5/31/2013 04:42:23

I liked the clear and concise way in which you presented the summary of the concepts we learnt in class. The point form was also very effective. However, as Grace mentioned, it would have been nicer if you had perhaps included a little bit of elaboration along with the point. A small example for each would have also done the trick.

Kelly Cheng
6/2/2013 00:30:03

Grace and Aditi, actually at the time of posting this entry, I wasn't sure what CRAP really means.
Evan, I'm sure you can do the same as well.

6/2/2013 20:54:28

You're kind of like me when it came to this post. I honestly forgot/left out most of what CRAP really was. But you simplified it very well and I guess we can always research more from there.

Irene Cheen
6/4/2013 02:53:19

Great summary on CRAP. But probably elaborating more would be good as readers are in the row of reading already (:


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