Collectible items

This is the clear holder that I've used to store the items that Miss Ivy has told us. So far I have collected 3 posters that I think is badly designed.
I think there are too many products in the poster. It's hard for me to focus in any of them.
I don't like the colours used. The model has the same colour on her hair, make up and clothers. It doesn't stand out.
I like the simplicity of this poster. Unfortunately, I'd prefer to have the watch worn by someone in order to give me a better idea on how it looks like being worn.

Having started to do this task, I have understood my taste better and what kind of things to avoid when designing a poster. I hope to learn more as I collect more items throughout this module.
Grace Loh
5/27/2013 03:44:32

It's great that you actually posted each poster and explained what's wrong with it. Interesting to read about your point-of-view about the poster designs and most of it I agree with. However, I wish to see your other pieces from the collectible items as well!

5/30/2013 14:08:21

very impress on how you criticize on what makes you think that the poster are badly designed. well done.

Aditi Verma
5/31/2013 04:39:52

I liked how you picked out certain posters and showed why you felt they were bad designs. I think you're the first person I've come across who's specifically stated what they didn't like about the posters, and have given all the three bad designs. I do think it would have been better if you had given a brief description of the task first, and perhaps your experience, and then proceeded with the three bad poster design samples. I'd have also liked to see a snap of all the items collected in the folder, perhaps jumbled together, just to get an idea of what kind of images you found over all. Rest, good job!

Kelly Cheng
6/2/2013 00:01:08

Grace, more on the way!
Evan, thank you!
Aditi, thanks for the suggestions. I will keep them in mind.

6/2/2013 20:52:24

I think you forgot to include the part where you explain what the picture represents. Like what's a caricature or an illustration. The critiques were good to read though.

Irene Cheen
6/4/2013 02:54:30

Made it clear and organised, well done.


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