So in Week 1, my lecturer, Miss Ivy Chen taught us how to identify core fundamentals of visual design, namely design elements and principles pertaining to visual communication design.

The elements of graphic design are Dot, Line, Shape, Colour and Texture. She asked us to write down those words and apply the elements as shown in the picture above.

The principles of graphic design are CRAP which stand for Consistency, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity.

I felt very intimidated because I had no background in design at all and I can't think like a designer; much less draw. However, there was a small spark excitement as well because now I get to learn about these things and explore a foreign branch of art.

Hopefully, by the end of this module, I can finally be able to make some cool graphics myself and not depend on my friends.
Grace Loh
5/27/2013 03:29:29 am

Don't feel intimidated Kelly! You did pretty good. You actually used more space to illustrate your work showing your openness to express yourself. Your doodles also showed some creativity going on! Perhaps next time, feel free to doodle all over the paper, let your visuals run free!

5/30/2013 02:13:11 pm

Don't worry, you did great.I have the same mission as you, let's work hard together. good luck. :)

Aditi Verma
5/31/2013 04:32:01 am

Hi Kelly. We are pretty much sailing in the same boat here, since I am not a design person at all either, and can hardly draw, so I totally understand your concerns. However, from what I see in this blog post, you are quite creative, and as Grace said, that can be observed from your doodles. I liked the clear and concise manner in which you stated the 'facts' we learnt in class, very to-the-point and easy to take in. Good job, and good luck! Hopefully, by the end of this module, both of us will be better at this stuff!

Kelly Cheng
6/1/2013 11:17:53 pm

Grace, I find doodling quite hard because I feel like I don't have enough patterns to draw.
Evan and Aditi my fellow comrades!

6/2/2013 08:46:09 pm

I like how you said you aren't good at drawing, but yet you drew the Prudential logo perfectly on the upper right. (That is a joke) Anyway don't worry about it too much. You stated the points clearly here and conveyed the material well.

Irene Cheen
6/4/2013 02:55:48 am

Drawing was understandable but yet, pretty messy. Probably with an plain A4 paper would be less of a confusion.


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